Compliance Memo

Compliance Memorandum 2013-04; MFDA Regulatory Priorities

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Compliance Team

Date Issued:

May 13, 2013

The MFDA recently issued Bulletin #0563-C, which highlights the areas of regulatory focus for the MFDA. The bulletin lists eight areas for regulatory focus, and expands a little on what their expectations are in regards to each area.

The eight areas of focus are:

  1. Exempt Securities
  2. Outside Business Activities
  3. Trade and Supervisory Inquiries
  4. Leveraging
  5. Branch Review Programs
  6. Blank-Signed Forms/Altering Documentation
  7. Complaint Handling
  8. Senior’s Issues

GP Wealth Management Corporation has policies and procedures in place that address all of the areas of concern, however we will continue to actively review our policies and our processes to ensure that our business remains sound and compliant.

Please review the bulletin, as it contains a useful insight into the MFDA’s focus going forward, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any ideas to help us improve upon our existing policies and procedures.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, contact the Compliance Department by email at