Compliance Memo

Compliance Memorandum 2013-15; Client Information Document

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Compliance Team

Date Issued:

December 3, 2013

As a reminder to all financial advisors, effective December 3, 2013, clients must have received the Client Information Document (CID) and the “Acknowledgement” page must be signed and delivered to head office. Any clients for whom we have not received a signed CID Acknowledgement form will be frozen, and trading activity will be restricted to PACs and redemptions until a signed CID Acknowledgement form has been received at head office.

The purpose of the CID is to provide a client with plain language disclosure on every aspect of our business as it relates to you the firm and the client. These aspects include:

(a) The nature of the advisory relationship;

(b) The products and services we offer;

(c) Business activities that are outside of GP Wealth Management;

(d) How we handle your funds and personal information;

(e) How your Financial Advisor select the products that are right for you and how we review those recommendations;

(f) An explanation of the terms we use in our KYC process;

(g) The content and frequency of the reports you will receive from us;

(h) An explanation of how we receive compensation;

(i) How to contact us if you have a complaint about our service and;

(j) How your personal information and investments are protected.

As a reminder, a New Account Application Form completed for a new client must include the CID Acknowledgement form as part of the review and approval of the new account.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, contact the Compliance Department by email at